30 & What I’ve Learned

by moe

There is something about your late twenties that makes you regret the time you wasted as a kid. However, you are not at the age where your responsibilities stop you from taking a chance or pursuing a childhood dream. 30 feels like a window of opportunity. At this moment I’m the oldest that I’ve ever been, and I know this is the youngest that I’ll ever be.

At this moment I’m the oldest that I’ve ever been, and I know this is the youngest that I’ll ever be.

30 Things I Have Learned

  1. We look in the mirror, but rarely take the time to reflect.
  2. Once something is used to increase social status, it’s primary function changes forever. Car, Clothes & Internet
  3. Everything for everyone is hard at first. The only God given gift is perseverance.
  4. Loyalty, Honesty, Health and then Wealth.
  5. Taking a 100 jumpers a day works and CrossFit works out because you do.
  6. Its nice to be important, but more important to be nice.
  7. You don’t know how much your uncle loves you until you become one.
  8. My father is a better man than I’ll ever be.
  9. People make the place
  10. I think homophobia is really just jealousy. A guy grows up making brotherhood bonds with his friends. Sports, video games, jokes etc. Then a girl comes along and gives him the one thing that he can’t( or won’t depending on how you look at it). He learns about gay men and immediately hates them.
  11. We hoped for change, but didn’t change for hope.
  12. LOST was amazing.
  13. Ideally, the volume in public places should be low enough to ensure you don’t have to scream at the person next to you, but loud enough to make sure you don’t have to whisper either.
  14. “I support euthanasia” sounds like you want to help the youth in asia, but you really want to kill old people everywhere.
  15. You won’t love what you do until you do what you love. So, if you aren’t doing what you love, you probably need to do something new.
  16. Books are almost as underrated as learning.
  17. Everything can change without a moment’s notice so lately I’ve been trying notice every moment.
  18. Get past your past you can’t have it back.
  19. The more consistent I am the less clutch I have to be
  20. At times I don’t understand God, but I pray he understands me. There was a time when I stopped believing in God, but he never stopped believing in me.
  21. Cash Rules Everything Around Me. But Not Me.
  22. They’ll hate you, then love and then forget you. That’s how life works.
  23. Men don’t love girls for who they are, but what they’re not.
  24. People change their facebook profiles too much.
  25. The amount of acknowledgement you receive for something is inversely correlated to how often you do it.
  26. I’m just trying to move from grape drink to grape juice.
  27. YOLO isn’t a new saying. It’s an acronym of an old saying. It’s the male version of OMG.
  28. Waiters and waitresses have an incentive to be nice, so when they’re rude its both genuine and illogical at the same time.
  29. Relationships are very relative so I consider my close friends relatives.
  30. Love is easy but never simple.