Pseudo Live Television

All I hear these days is “real time”. Everything has to happen live. Stream it, live blog etc. What about tv? Is the future of television live? Yes and no. I think it all comes down to engagement. If viewers feel like they are engaging with the show live, then, for all intent and purposes, it is. Competition shows, for example, have viewers call in and vote during its broadcast time. This gives viewers that pseudo live feeling. It works, check out the highest rated shows. Many of them are pseudo live.

The Social Effect

I’m starting to feel like spoilers will lead to watching shows as earliest as possible again. The social web gives your “friends” multiple ways to ruin a show, and it’s getting harder and harder to avoid their tweets, facebook posts etc. In fact, I think it’s happening to movies. For example, one of my facebook friends ruined a part of Avengers for me. You know, when…wait.

There is also a social incentive to watch the show asap because you get to instantly interact with your friends before the “real time” web forgets and moves on to the next story.