Thoughts after watching Hiten Shah, “Applying Lean Methods to Fat Companies”, and browsing my notes from The Lean Startup book.

Great Tech and Great Vision, by themselves, have the same problem. Growth.

Great Tech is agile, scalable and competitive, but not necessarily a recipe for long term success. We see amazing technology and think, “It’s just a matter of time until these guys figure it out. Look at all the cool things this application does. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense now.” Insert jokes about Google Wave and Yahoo Pipes here.

Great vision can lead to quick success, but is not necessarily a recipe for long term success. In short, a proof of concept for someone else. The Friendster or Myspace for Facebook. The mapquest for Google Maps. The problem wasn’t the idea, but having the right architecture to grow. Take a look at Amazon. They started off selling books but, with the right architecture, have grown to offer a wide range of servies ranging from on demand video to storage services(S3).

For sustainable success you need to have great tech, great vision and, let’s be real, great timing.