New technology teaches me a lot about people. For example, Napster, and other music downloading services, showed me that people are willing to steal as long as the risk of being caught is almost impossible. Ethics has little to do with it. Now Instagram, via selfies and such, is making me realize how much we value the assurance, perhaps admiration, of complete strangers. There are a lot of girls willing to nearly show it all for what exactly? Likes? Guys are doing this as well, but girls seem to be getting popular from it. There has always been girls who were in car magazines or were stripping or something that everyone hated on all the time, but it took some connections or work. Instagram removed all the barriers. You can now wake up and post a practically nude photo of yourself for the world to admire.

What I am realizing is that we, as a society, will judge people for something that a lot of us would be willing to do under the right circumstances. It’s not really an ethical dilemma as much as a barrier of entry problem. So maybe we shouldn’t judge someone for committing a petty crime, because, if we couldn’t get caught, we would do it too. Maybe they are just a bit more desperate than we are? Maybe we shouldn’t judge someone who does a socially taboo act? Maybe they are way ahead of the curve and taking advantage of an untapped resource.