When did they start calling Scar from The Lion King “Scar”? It seems like he went through a traumatic experience and everyone around him was really mean about it. I’m not saying I agree with what he did, but I think we are overlooking the years of mental abuse he went through. It’s pretty obvious Mufasa kept all the good shampoo and conditioner for himself and made Scar use some janky Head & Shoulders. Also, why did Scar have a British accent? Are we to assume he was sent to a boarding zoo as a kid? Actually, why was the monkey the only one with an African accent? Just think about Seal. If his family and friends called him “Scar” he would have never wrote epic songs and married Heidi Klum. He would have ended up murdering James Earl Jones, joining forces with Whoopi Goldberg and mentally devastating Matthew Broderick for years. But he didn’t. He wrote that really cool song for Batman Forever.