Clutch vs Consistency: Every Shot Counts [Start Up]

by moe

Shaq was a horrible freethrow shooter, but always responded to his critics with, “I make them when they count.” By which he means he would hit free-throws late, 4th quarter or overtime, when the game was close or “on the line.” This statement has always bothered me, and, over the years, I’ve realized that this type of rational can mess people up(me included).

Every Shot Counts

A free-throw in the first quarter is worth just as much as a freethrow in the 4th quarter. Just like the 6th day of a project is just as important as the day before the release. Don’t fool yourself by thinking near deadline decisions “count” more than decisions you made earlier. I actually feel it’s the exact opposite, because consequences from early decisions lead to tougher decisions down the line. In short, the game is always on the line. A shot made in the first minute of the second quarter is just as important as a shot made in the fourth.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. — Aristotle

Consistency vs Clutch
Being good under pressure is sometimes a sign of mental weakness. I think it’s similar to procrastination, where people need a deadline to inspire them. The reality is they are mentally weak to get the job done until the last possible minute. I want to be more focused on being consistent than being clutch, because the more consistent I am the less clutch I have to be.