Facebook = AMZN Affiliate + EBAY Identity [Tech]

by moe

I’m surprised when people don’t see facebook’s potential. I think they can compete in so many major areas that they will be as big as Google or Amazon in the next five years. In my opinion, Facebook’s future should include a combination of Amazon’s affiliate program and Ebay’s online reputation.

Facebook Needs An Affiliate Program

I began to admire Amazon when they released their affiliate program. I think facebook is in the position where they can make the greatest affiliate program ever. To do this they have to tackle two main issues or questions.

Why would a user want to show their shopping activity?
They get a percentage of the sale if their friends ends up buying an item from their activity. Not only would I purchase stuff via facebook, I would share a lot more as well. In fact, I know a lot of “trend setters” that would love some proof.

Why would brands want to use a facebook shopping cart?
The same reason people wanted to use Google Checkout. There will be a “buy now” link in the news feed next to the item. A user clicks it and is taken to the facebook checkout page where their billing and shipping information is already saved. Imagine Amazon’s one click buy on steroids.

Facebook Needs To Kill Ebay

Let’s be real, Ebay sucks. The site was amazing and then didn’t get better. Check out Ebay’s and Amazon’s stock performance in the last 10 years. They both take a hit in 2008, but Amazon basically destroys them. Why? Amazon made great technology while Ebay didn’t. There are two things that keep Ebay going; Pay Pal & Online Reputation. Personally, I think facebook can dominate Ebay in both. Facebook can probably beat Amazon on the online reputation side, but will have a fight on the technology side. Amazon’s vision with their service oriented architecture was simply brilliant and Facebook will need that sort of vision to meet their potential.