Life Is A Roller Coaster. Can You Stand In Line?

by moe

I tend to analyze two types of personalities the most, and, oddly enough, they are exact opposites. The first are the “go getters”. The grinders with the never die attitude. The second are the day dreamers who seem to search for justifications to quit. The ones who worry more about rationalizing their life than improving it. One see’s life as a big opportunity the other as a big problem.

These types of personalities are also similar in many ways. Usually smart, insightful and foreword thinking people. They love a good conversations and usually show strong critical thinking skills. So why do these types of people have such different outlooks on life? To be honest, I’m not quite sure why but I do know when. It’s right after that conversation. The amazing, insightful and ground breaking conversation. One person gets up and decides they are going to take some action, while the other decides to use the conversation as a day dreaming drug. They sit around and wait on life to make them some lemonade. I compare it to the feeling of riding and waiting on a roller coaster. I see a roller coaster and I want to go on it. I’m willing to sacrifice and wait in line. Other people see the line and say it’s not worth it, but will waste time, probably the time it takes to get to the front, watching others take a ride.

Most things worth having aren’t easy to get. Life can be a fun roller coaster ride if you are willing to swallow your pride, work hard and, at times, wait in line.