Perfectly Unnoticed [Start Up]

by moe

I love listening or watching Dr. Tyson speak. While watching his speech at the 28th National Space Symposium(a nerd’s way of saying conference) I got caught up on one of his statements.

The act of doing it perfectly, is the measure of it going unnoticed.
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

I have been thinking about this lately. A perfect product will eventually go unnoticed. It will become a part of the norm, an expectation. In a way we strive to architect and design our products so they go unnoticed. The problem is we start to believe that simple and easy are mutually exclusive.

Easy is simple to make, but making something simple is not easy.

So much of what we try to do is get to a point where the solution seems inevitable: you know, you think “of course it’s that way, why would it be any other way?” It looks so obvious, but that sense of inevitability in the solution is really hard to achieve.
Jonathan Ive(THE Apple Designer)

I think acknowledgement works the same way. The more acknowledgement you receive for doing something is inversely correlated to how often you do it. We strive to be perfectly unnoticed.