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A lot of websites make a bulk of their revenue showing ads on freely available sites. The customer is the advertiser(not the consumer/user), and, more often than not, design and user experience are sacrificed. Over the years, users have mentally blocked out the usual style of Google Adsense Ads. Think about the ads in gmail that you can’t recall seeing at this instant but know are there. When this began I thought the world of “most views win” advertisement would eventually stop. That a new form of marketing and branding would emerge. Although in some ways it has, I was wrong. The Ads are just getting uglier, more annoying and stupid.. Sometimes, I immediately hate whatever is being shown to me

ADs are now IN & on TOP of content

Will It Work

For the short term, yes. However, in the long term, it will not. Like me, I think users will eventually start gravitating to other sites if the design and user experience stays this bad. You can’t expect people to respect your brand if you don’t respect them as your primary customers.

So What Does This Mean?

1. I don’t go to CNN to read political/world news.
2. I’m going to ESPN less and less to read my sports news.
3. I rarely visit youtube’s homepage or search for new content. I’ll click on a link shared socially or, usually, only watch youtube embedded videos. However, if they had that overlay ad on every page I would stop going to youtube all together.

I’ll Pay You To Not Show Me Ads. Seriously.

My idea has always been to let me pay to not see ads. That’s my reason for not upgrading to Hulu+. Why can’t they just figure out how much money they would make, per episode, off of me and just let me pay for a season of a show? I never click on ads. In fact, I tab away the second they start.

It’s better deal for the advertisers as well.
If I’m willing to pay to hide your ad, what are the chances of me caring about it? Low. What are the chances of me hating you for making me watch it? High.

That’s why I believe in HBO. I think they will eventually let you pay for their content via their site. I can’t wait.

Facebook has 800 Million users and last year grossed about 2 billion dollars, which means they made about 3 bucks off of me. I will gladly pay them $20 a year(over 600% increase) to not show me ads and get an upgraded design that doesn’t cleverly use 25% of the page to show ads (although I must admit I’m a fan of the timeline design).