The If It Gets You Laid Rule [Start Up]

by moe

I have this rule. Once something is used to get you laid or increase your social status, it’s primary function will forever be to get you laid and/or increase your social status.


There was a time when humans wore clothes to protect them from weather. Then we realized that clothes can make use look more appealing to the opposite sex, and give us a social status above other people. Now when you buy a new jacket, shirt etc, you always worry about how it looks on you before you worry about if it’s going to keep you warm.


The marvel of the industrial revolution. The Model-T paved the way for a huge transformation in American transportation. Then some guy figured out that he could get laid if his car looked a littler flashier than other cars. Now when we buy cars we care more about the look, color and brand than we do about it’s engineering.


There was a time when the internet was about sharing information. Wikipedia was the Hitchhikers Guide that Douglas Adams wrote about. It was a good world….Then MySpace hit and a guy realized he could get laid by meeting girls over the internet. Twitter popped up and gave everyone social badges of influence. Facebook posts have shifted our priority from enjoying the moment to proving it exists to the envy and jealousy of all friends and family. And it will never go back.

At the end of the day, it’s probably just human nature. Please don’t forget to follow me on twitter @moe_naqvi.